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Kinnser Agency Manager™ is the most widely used software for home health agencies.  Over the last twelve months, American home health agencies performed more than 25 million billable visits with Kinnser.  Agencies large and small use Kinnser to increase profit, improve communication, and coordinate care for their patients. See what Kinnser can do for your agency.

Kinnser® is the software that powers post-acute care. We have a 99% customer retention rate, and here are a few of the great reasons why.

It’s easy to use.

Ease of use has been a Kinnser priority from the very beginning.  Our software was developed with active home health agencies to improve real world processes.  The result is a comprehensive solution that is intuitive, clear, and hassle free.

It’s easy to learn.

Because it’s easy to use, Kinnser is also easy to learn.  Kinnser agencies report very fast staff training times, usually of just a few hours.  We train in person, at your agency.  Training sessions are geared toward office and clinical staff.

It’s Web-based.

Web-based is the best choice for home health.  There’s no software to install or update.  No expensive servers or IT staff needed.  Your data stays organized and is accessible 24/7 on all Internet-enabled devices - laptop, iPad, etc.

It improves turnaround time.

Kinnser dramatically improves efficiency. Processes that once took hours, or even days, now take minutes.  Simplify Medicare eligibility checks, ICD code look up, QA, and billing.  Have faster turnaround times from visit to OASIS and OASIS to RAP.

It’s the complete solution.

Kinnser brings together everything a home health agency needs into one convenient, Web-based application.  It streamlines tasks for every member of the home health team, improving both communication and collaboration.

It improves coordination of care.

Kinnser’s messaging component, K-mail, is the HIPAA-compliant way for your agency to collaborate.  Patient-related messages automatically attach to the patient’s chart, instantly documenting your coordination of care.

You can add unlimited users.

Unlike many other software solutions, there are no additional fees for you to add users to your Kinnser account, so your whole agency can use it.  The greatest increases in efficiency come when your whole agency is collaborating.

You have access to unlimited support when you need it.

Knowledgeable, friendly technical support is available by phone and email 12 hours each business day from our headquarters in Austin, Texas.  Kinnser never charges for technical support--no matter how much you need.

Over 4,000 successful home health agencies use Kinnser solutions every day. 

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Kinnser Agency Manager™ improves clinical outcomes, enables better communication, speeds cash flow, reduces costs, and increases profit.

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Learn why Kinnser® Software is the complete solution for everyone in your agency.